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All I wanted to do was learn how to make album covers and concert posters... and then all this happened. Like most designers from my era, I was a print junkie that had to figure out web design on the fly. UX and UI weren't anywhere even close to my radar. They definitely weren't teaching User Experience principles in my design courses.

My evolution into the digital product world started with the release of iPhone's retina screen. I took the plunge into mobile on a 2 week production job for The Home Depot when the news of a higher resolution screen caused companies to scramble for ways to match the new hardware capabilities.

Since then, I've been immersed in mobile design and building and leading small to mid-sized design teams for boutiques and Fortune 100 companies alike. I've had the unique fortune of working with some of the most talented creative and technical minds around and attribute our results to the creative environments and culture we were able to develop in.